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April 17 2015

July 17 2014

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Guild Wars 2 - Dry Top - Best Vista!

March 03 2014

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Dark Souls: Knight Artorias Boss Fight

July 16 2013

Followings – Check Your Followers!

The school year is over and the holidays began. Unfortunately I have to work to gain some experience of life… or so. Anyway, the school wants me to work for 4 weeks in the holidays. So now I’m sitting here and I’m bored (surprise biatch). That’s why I went on …

May 18 2013

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osu! - The Quick Brown Fox - Gotsta Terrify [Raving]

January 27 2013

What is INDECT?

Just found this video on Youtube. Please watch the WHOLE video, thanks. And for my german friends: Was ist INDECT?

January 13 2013

Okay, let's try soup.io.

January 04 2013

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osu! - Pendulum - Vulture [Reiji's Hard]
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Aldious - White Crow Official Music Video (Full length)

December 22 2012

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osu! - Touhou (Demetori) - Emotional Skyscraper ~ World's End [Hard]
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osu! - Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe (Nightcore Mix) [Hard]

December 09 2012

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Emotional Skyscraper ~ World's End

December 07 2012

December 03 2012

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CALLEJON Schrei nach Liebe feat. BELA B.

November 26 2012

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Hyuna Kim - Change

November 15 2012

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Twitter Bug (Background)
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Aldious - Spirit Black (Music Video Sample)

November 11 2012

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We Butter The Bread With Butter - USA

November 09 2012

Learn Python in one week? Challenge accepted!

It was monday and I was sitting in my classroom. The teacher was talking crap and I was so damn bored… so I decided to learn Python, because I have got a good guide called Learn Python – The Hard Way. I already know a lot about C, so it …

November 08 2012

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